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Flow regulators

Flow regulator is a unit designed to provide constant inflow no matter what the level of water is at the outflow slot. This unit is used in water systems to regulate rainwater flow. Usually these are used in such constructions as:

  • stormwater distribution unit
  • storm overflows
  • rainwater retention tanks
  • sewerage system of rainwater
  • units purifying water


Regulator type Flow Backwater accumulation height Outlet slot Diameter Length
l/s m dn2 mm L mm
RSTWO 003 1-3,4 1-3 70 350-430
RSTWO 005 3,5-10 1-3 168 430-502
RSTWO 010 11-20 1-3 168 550-743
RSTWO 020 21-50 1-3 220 685-925
RSTWO 050 51-80 1-3 274 813-1036
RSTWO 080 80-115 1-3 274-360 875-1230
RSTWO 115 116-150 1-3 274-360 925-1350
RSTWO 150 151-175 1-3 274-360 987-1520

Regulators with flow over 50l/s have outside diameter over 600 mm


Regulators stabilising the flow which we offer are designed and fitted to individual needs of clients namely to the required flow and the backwater accumulation height.

They consist of:
  • Inlet connectors
  • Swirl chamber
  • Slot to attach the piping
  • OOptional flange for the tank

Wykres pracy regulatora stożkowego Preformance graph of this regulator. Flow = 20 l/s Water column height = 1 m

Hydrostatic pressure in the controlled tank rises commensurately with the liquid column height. The generated whirlpool in the swirl chamber rises with the rising pressure. If there is a rise of whirlpool in the chamber, it causes a return flow which consequently arrests the flow. The return flow does not exceed the border flow upto provided height.

Flow regulator is in whole made of stainless steel type 304 or other depending on the client's requirements.

RSTWO Specification sheet RSTWO Declaration of the use value



Increased or heavy rainfall requires precision in management in order to prevent installation overload and flooding. It is necessary to to make use of the retention and flow regulation techniques. RSTWOS regulator allows flow regulation thanks to whirlpools which are the result of the difference between the pressure on the inlet and at the outfall. The high difference causes whirlpool, which automatically reduces the flow and its cross-section. Regulators RSTWOS are wet installed in retention tanks of rainfall or sewage. Biocent regulators are made of stainless steel INOX 304L, thickness 2 to 3mm depending on the size of the unit. This allows high endurance of the regulator.

Regulator type Flow Backwater accumulation height Width Outfall diameter
l/s m P mm D n
RSTWOS 003 1-3,4 1-3 259-346 110-160
RSTWOS 005 3,5-6 1-3 326-413 110-160
RSTWOS 010 6,5-10 1-3 376-462 110-160
RSTWOS 015 10,5-15 1-3 414-502 160-225
RSTWOS 020 15,1-20 1-3 443-529 160-250
Preformance graph of this regulator

Preformance graph of this regulator. Flow = 20 l/s Water column height = 1 m

  • Flow regulator is in whole made of stainless steel type 304 or other depending on the client's requirements
  • Instalation metal plate to fix the device
  • Main swirl chamber
  • Installation channel with the lifting handle
  • Handle for fitting into the wall

Vertical flow regulator is mounted directly to a smooth, concrete wall. It is fixed to handles, which are fixed to the wall with anchorings beforehand. The height of the lowest inlet part has to be at least 40 cm from the bottom. This regulator can adjusted to be mounted in round wells or can be delivered already mounted in a PEHD/GRP well.

RSTWOS Specification sheet RSTWOS Declaration of the use value



Float flow regulator is a regulating unit fixed at the side of the water pressure and regulated by a special float.

It is characterised by a compact construction and a high level of regulation +/- 5% of the assumed outflow. Regulator float may be placed at the front, from the left, or from the right depending on the building conditions.

Additional value of this regulator is the possibility to change the flow by +/- 15-20%. Moreover it can be equipped with unit identyfying contamnations blocking the flow, and getting rid of them.

Outflow float regulator is made of stainless steel combined with high classs of synthetic materials like POM or PA.

Regulator type Outfall slot diameter Flow
mm l/s
RPWO 150-1 150 3-10
RPWO 150-2 150 10-20
RPWO 200 200 20-40
RPWO 250 250 40-60
RPWO 300 300 60-100
RPWO 350 350 100-150
RPWO 400 400 150-200
RPWO 450 450 200-250
RPWO 500 500 250-300
RPWO 600 600 300-400
RPWO 800 800 800-1200
RPWO 1000 1000 1200-1500
Preformance graph of this regulator

Preformance graph of this regulator. Flow = 20 l/s Water column height = 1 m

The float connected with the arm moves with the water flow. The arm controls the decapitator that reduces the flow or enlarges the oufall slot. This type of operation ensures high precision of this unit and guarantees the real flow of +/- 5% with any backwater accumulation height. The cross-section of the inlet slot is adjusted to the slightest movements of the float.

This unit has to be mounted with anchoring directly to a smooth, concrete, vertical wall. There is an option of mounting in round wells.

RPWO Specification sheet RPWO Declaration of the use value

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