Coalescing/lamellar separator, Class I according to PN EN 858, integrated with a settler PETRO-OG/OGL

The device is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester with orthophthalic resins.
Compliant with PN-EN 858-1:2005; PN-EN 858-1:2005/A1:2007 standards.
No need for retaining walls.
Installation: underground/aboveground (free-standing).
Cover made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, 100% tightness, not intended for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Manhole with a diameter of 620 mm.
Ø75 mm ventilation placed according to customer’s recommendations.

Operating principle:

Hydrocarbon separators of the PETRO-G/GL series trap hydrocarbon substances contained in rainwater.
Coalescing filter (PETRO-G) or lamellar (PETRO-GL) ensures reduction of hydrocarbon substances at the outflow to 5 mg/liter in accordance with PN-EN 858-1 standard.
The automatic closing system protects against hydrocarbon substances from reaching the outflowing waters, even in the case of heavy rainfall.

Innovative lamellar filter:

Specially designed cylindrical lamellae improve the coalescence process and significantly enhance the operation of the separator. Achieving a unique filter shape is possible thanks to the 3D printing technology. Filters obtained in this way are characterized by high durability and contribute to environmental protection, as they are made from PET material from recycled bottles.

ModelPrzepływ QnomPojemność osadnikaJESHDNPojemność czynna całkowitaWaga separatora (około)
[l/s] [l][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][l][kg]
PETRO-OG/OGL 1,5/3201,5320100064062090016045039
PETRO-OG/OGL 2/3002300100064062090016045039
PETRO-OG/OGL 2/50025001000890870115016065045
PETRO-OG/OGL 3/35033501000890870115016065045
PETRO-OG/OGL 3/70037001000126012401520160100062
PETRO-OG/OGL 6/90069001000189018702150160145078

Service The frequency of emptying the device depends on the intensity of incoming wastewater. The tank chamber should be regularly emptied, at least twice a year or in case of alarm signal. After each emptying, it is necessary to refill the separator with water.

Notes The volume of the separator should be selected in such a way that the temperature of the wastewater flowing out of the separator does not exceed 40°C. Excessive temperature may cause damage to devices behind the separator, such as pumps, float switches (pump components have a temperature resistance of up to 40°C). In case of high temperature of the effluent, selection of a separator with double volume is recommended.

Customization It is also possible to manufacture separators according to individual projects, including: • different diameters of inlet and outlet pipes, changed dimensions of tanks or inlet at an angle • separators integrated with a pump chamber in a horizontal tank • additional equipment e.g., float valve at the inlet to the separator or equipment made of stainless steel

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