Concrete settler BOS-C

Settlers compliant with PN-EN 858-1:2005; PN-EN 858-1:2005/A1:2007 standards
C40/50 reinforced concrete tank 600 mm inspection hole equipped with a D400 class cast iron hatch
Access cover for the settler D400 Inlet and outlet holes with a watertight passage
Inlet deflector

ModelPojemność czynna JIESWysokość całkowita bez DNDNWysokość całkowitaWaga najcięższego elementu
BOS-C 1,0100013001000145514252000110-250H+DN3,00
BOS-C 1,5150015001200151014802060110-250H+DN3,60
BOS-C 2,0200015001200195019202500250-315H+DN4,16
BOS-C 3,0300018001500188018502430160-400H+DN5,52
BOS-C 4,0400023002000145514252005160-400H+DN6,24
BOS-C 5,0500023002000177517452325200-500H+DN7,51
BOS-C 6,0600023002000209020602640200-500H+DN6,40
BOS-C 8,0800028002500181017802360200-630H+DN6,90
BOS-C 101000028002500222021902770200-600H+DN8,00
BOS-C 121200033003000188018502430200-1000H+DN6,90
BOS-C 151500033003000230022702850200-1000H+DN11,77


The frequency of emptying the device depends on the intensity of incoming sewage. The tank chamber should be regularly emptied, at least twice a year or in case of alarm signaling. After each emptying, it is necessary to refill the separator with water.


For separator bodies consisting of more than one element, it is required to connect the elements using bentonite rope/resin mortar or elastomeric gasket.


Separators can also be custom-made according to individual projects, including:

  • different diameters of inlet and outlet pipes, modified tank dimensions, or angled inlets
  • separators integrated with a pump chamber
  • additional equipment such as a float valve at the inlet to the separator or equipment made of stainless steel

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