Water and oil separation system BUNDLIFT

Fully automatic operation based on a high-grade programmable relay and sensor system,
Low device weight,
Device housing and sensors made of stainless steel,
High-quality submersible pump in stainless steel housing,
Tri-color optical indicator informing about correct operation or issues (depending on color),
IP65-rated controller housing, lockable,
Ability to connect to an existing monitoring system (via potential-free contact)

Bundlift combines two devices working simultaneously – a single- or dual-pump sewage pumping station and an alarm system for detecting the thickness of hydrocarbon layers in the rainwater collection tank (usually located in the pit of an oil drip tray under a transformer or in a well directly connected to the drip tray).

In the event of a significant amount of hydrocarbon substances being detected, the system automatically stops the sewage pumping process and alerts the user through acoustic-optical signaling and via a potential-free relay contact on the terminal strip. The relay contact can be utilized according to individual needs. After the user removes the accumulated hazardous substances, Bundlift automatically returns to standby mode and activates the pump or pumps when rainwater appears. A small amount of oil also poses no threat, as the device’s factory setting prevents the pumping of contaminants accumulating on the liquid surface in the tank, i.e., substances with a density lower than rainwater.

Due to its compact size and weight and flexible connection to the discharge pipe, installation and access to the device for periodic inspection or repair, if necessary, is very easy – simply lift the housing with the attached pump by the protruding handle.

Bundlift can be individually customized in consultation with Biocent specialists to meet its tasks regardless of building conditions and the location of the sewage receiver.

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