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Biocent Sp. z o.o. is the producer of a highly technologically advanced products used in engineered construction. Currently, we are one of the leading Polish producers of equipment for puryfying and pumping sewage and meteoric waters.

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We provide complex and modern solutions within puryfying sewage and meteoric waters. You can trust our year-long experience.

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Grease Separators

Grease is a substance highly contaminating sewage systems so it is essential to intercept it before it reaches the sewage systems.

Hydrocarbon Separators

Biocent petroleum product separators are flow-through apparatus for burrying in the ground or free-standing.

Retention Tanks

We produce reservoirs that may be used in rainwater or sanitary sewage systems but also in industrial installations.

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations Biocent Sp. z o.o. are complete fixtures used in gravitational and pressure sewage systems.

Flow regulators

Flow regulator is a unit designed to provide constant inflow no matter what the level of water is at the outflow slot.

Manhole covers

Biocent has designed a wide range of manhole covers to meet clients' expectations. Our manhole covers are made of stainless steel 3 mm thick, which increases the general endurance as well as prevents from installation caused deformations.

Return Flap Valves

- return flap valve is for non-return closing and opening of the sewer; - they are used as a final fixture in reclamation and drainage systems and prevent sewage or water from receding to the installation.

Sluice gate valves and Penstocks

Sluice gate valves and penstocks are used for severing the flow of sewage/water in urban and chemical waste water treatment plants, reclamation systems, and the drainage system of roads as well as highways.

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